Terms & Conditions

Terms and conditions
* Entry fee is non refundable
* NEC reserve the right to make changes to the rules, regulations and terms of the competition. Competitors will be notified of these changes.
* You must adhere to the Rules and Regulations set out by NEC. Failure to do so could result in your disqualification from the competition.
* NEC reserve the right to stop the competitors performance at anytime due to safety concerns.
* NEC will not be held responsible for any injury sustained by a competitor during any stage of the competition.
* NEC will not refund any expenses incurred by competitors.

Rules & Regulations

* Video entries open 1st January 2019 and close midnight on 30th April 2019.
* Entry fees and fully completed entry form must be submitted before your application will be considered.
* It is your responsibility to have a back up copy of your video entry. This way the same video can be re-entered should there be an issue with YouTube/licensing/video removal.
* It is the applicants responsibility to enter the correct category. Failure to do so may result in your disqualification.
* Your song choice can not be explicit
* Removal of clothing (stripping) is only permitted in the classique category. Nudity, G strings/thongs are not permitted in any category
* Outfits must not display logos or any other form of advertising
* There will be 2 fixed 45mm poles used in the finals. Stage left will be on spin and stage right on static. Please see stage spec for further details. The spinning and static poles can be altered for group performance
* The Instructor category - Open to pole instructors, paid or unpaid. No restrictions on moves.
* The Professional category - Open to any pole/hoop dancers who are or have been ever paid to perform. Also open to any competitors who have placed 1st in a professional pole or hoop competition in the advanced category or above.
*The classique category is open to all.
* The group category - open to all. No restrictions on moves. 2-4 people.
* The male category is for male competitors and is an open category.
* The over 40s category is open to all levels.
* There will be a professional photographer and videographer at the finals. All photographs remain the property of NEC.

*Competitors agree to be photographed and filmed throughout the performance.

Video Entry
* ALL competitors must send in a video entry to be considered for a place in the finals.
* Videos must be submitted between 1st January 2019 and 30 April 2019 via an unlisted YouTube link to [email protected]
* Videos must not be edited. They should be filmed as one continuous piece.
* Entrants may use a previously filmed routine, so long as it fits with category criteria.
* Cameras must remain stationary throughout the performance.
* Applicants must be visible throughout the routine.
* Videos must comply with the timing requirements.
* Clothing rules must be adhered to in both video and live heats.
* Successful applicants will be informed by the end of June.

* Successful applicants must be available for the finals on Saturday 20th October 2019.
* Entrants will be judged solely on their video entry for the video heat.
* The judges decision is final.
* There are 3 spaces available in the final for each category
* Competitors must not be under the influence of alcohol or drugs.
* Competitors must complete a PARQ on the day of the finals.
* NEC reserve the right to revoke your place in the final if you are deemed unfit.
* Routine length for the finals must not exceed the following (with a 20 second buffer):
* Beginner - 3 Minutes
* Intermediate - 3 minutes 30 seconds
* Advanced - 4 minutes
* Instructor - 4 minutes
* Professional - 4 minutes 30 seconds
* Groups - 4 minutes 30 seconds
* Over 40s - 4 Minutes
* Mens - 4 Minutes
* Classique - 4 minutes
* Music must be submitted before 20th Sept 2019 in MP3 format. If we do not receive this in time, you may be removed from the competition.
* Clearly label all CDs with ONLY your name and category
* Music must not be explicit
* CDs must contain ONLY the track you are using
* Check that your CD plays in a CD player not just on your computer
* Music length must not exceed the required length. Failure to comply with this will result in your disqualification.