TErms & Conditions


Please refer to the page Categories and Levels for a full listing of offerings.

All members of a group or doubles performance must register and pay separately in order to be included in the event.

NEC is a 16+ event for performers. Spectators of all ages are welcome to watch.

The schedule of events and divisions is subject to change

You have up until a week after video entries closes to make changes to their category and Level choice


To enter NEC you have to be in the top 3 for your category in a video heat. Registration is open from January 1st to April 30th. The registration fee is £20 and is payable via PayPal or bank transfer. Due to the current restrictions and lockdowns the organisers reserve the right to move the registration dates. 


[email protected]

Bank Transfer

Sort code 53-61-11

Account number 61697796

Registrations forms can be found here

Videos must be submitted using an unlisted YouTube upload before April 30th of the year of the competition.

You must video your routine in landscape.

There is a 20 second buffer on each time length (e.g. beginner is 2 mins, so can be from minimum 1:40 to maximum 2:20)

There are no compulsory moves in any category but there are moves you cannot do. It is your responsibility to check the individual rules for each category.

The title of your video must include your full name and category. For doubles and groups please make sure all participants names are on.

As a competitor, you must be fair and truthful in your self-assessment of skills in determining your appropriate level. All entries will be asked to provide conformation of their level by their instructor or in the case of self-taught a training partner. In the case of a query regarding the level of an entry we will approach the referee to provide evidence of level. Down playing your ability will not be tolerated and if you are found to be untruthful regarding your class or competition experience, you may be disqualified from the event. NEC reserves the right to move you into a different category or level if it is found that you do not meet the requirement for the category or level entered.

All competitors, judges and volunteers will be required to sign a liability release form prior to being allowed to participate in a North East Championships event.

Entry fees are not refundable and not transferable between participants.  If you submit your video without a fee you will not be judged until payment is received.

Exceptions may be made on a case by case basis, and are limited to life or death scenarios (ex. pregnancy or death of an immediate family member). Any requests for refunds must be made in advance of the competition date.

If any information supplied in connection with an entry is found to be false or inaccurate, competitors may be disqualified.

NEC organisers retain the right to combine categories, levels and genders where practicable and at the organisers’ discretion.

We may require you to confirm your date of birth prior to the event or at the event by showing a valid proof of identity i.e. Driver’s license, issued I.D. card or passport.

NEC reserves the right to permit late registration, and the right to refuse any entry.

You must make yourself aware of all NEC terms and conditions prior to entry.  Full terms and conditions are available on the NEC website: www.northeastchampionships.uk

All correspondences to NEC should include

Name of competitor

Email address of new competitor

Studio affiliation (if any) of competitor

Category and Level of competitor



Stage diagrams can be found in your competitor packet after you register for the competition. The general setup is two 45mm, 12’ chrome X-Poles, about 3 metres apart.  Please double check the diagram in the website here.  There will be a pole on static and pole on spin. If you are facing the stage the pole on the right will be on spin and the one on the left is static. This is not up for change on the day of competition so make sure your routine is set this way to avoid confusion on competition day.


The hoop will be hung from the middle of the truss

The top strop will be no more than 1 metre from the truss to the top of the hoop. No moves were hips are on the top of the hoop or moves purely on the stop are permitted (for example sitting on top of the hoop or a figure head on the top bar)

The hoop is a 95cm single point Firetoys hoop.  It will be taped in black for on the day of the competition. All competitors will use the same hoop and are not permitted to bring their own. The bottom bar of the hoop will hang 5ft from the floor. The hoop will not be adjusted for individual competitors.

A 5ft x3ft x 4in safety mat will be under all competitors during the performance. You can have someone remove the mat for floor work and place it back under the hoop for performance if you wish so.


Leaving the stage any way other than the intended stair ways or wings, is not permitted (ex. jumping off the front of the stage is not allowed).

Licking the poles is not permitted.

Removing clothing that shows full nudity or intimate body parts will result in a disqualification. In cases of costume malfunction this will be at the judge’s discretion and their word is final.

Moves that involved touching intimate body parts in a sexual manor are not permitted unless in the classique category

Please refer to the level guidelines for specific rules regarding movement restrictions.

All levels and categories are required to use both poles. Violations will result in deductions according to the Scoring Guide.


You are responsible for the quality and submission of your edited music. You should email your track exactly as you want it played to [email protected] and should upload files by the deadline mp3 format.

Music deadlines are listed in the competitor packet for the event.

You are required to bring a USB to the event with a backup copy of your music. The USB must only contain your music track, and should not have any other files on it. Tracks should be labelled with stage name, category, level and age group. This allows for a quick retrieval in case of technical issues with the original song file. The USB should be kept backstage with you at all times. In case of technical issues, the stage monitor will ask for it.

Music mixes or mash-ups are permitted.

No explicit versions to be used

There is no minimum time requirement. The maximum length for each Level is:

  • Pole Beginner – Video entry 2 minutes - live final 3 minutes
  • Pole Intermediate – Video entry 2 minutes 30 seconds - live final 3 minutes 30 seconds
  • Pole Advanced – Video entry 3 minutes – live final 4 minutes
  • Pole Professional -  Video entry 3 minutes – live final - 4 minutes 30 seconds
  • Pole Groups - Video entry 3 minutes – live final 4 minutes 30 seconds
  • Pole Over 40s Video entry 3 minutes – live final - 4 Minutes
  • Pole Men's Video entry 3 minutes – live final - 4 Minutes
  • Pole Classique - Video entry 3 minutes – live final 4 minutes
  • Hoop Beginner - Video entry 2 minutes – live final 3 minutes
  • Hoop Intermediate - Video entry 2 minutes 30 seconds – live final 3 minutes 30 seconds
  • Hoop Advanced - Video entry 3 minutes – live final 4 minutes
  • Hoop Professional/Instructor Video entry 3 minutes – live final - 4 minutes

Minimum 30 seconds floor work away from equipment for all categories. This does not have to be continuous.


You must wear “suitable dance attire” at all times. All intimate body parts must be covered. The top must cover as much skin as a regular bra. Bottoms - no thongs and no g strings (excluding classique see rules for this category).

You may wear boots, shoes or perform in bare feet.

Costumes must be safe to wear so that contact with the pole or hoop is not compromised.

There will be no full or partial nudity. Removal of clothing is permissible in classique provided that the minimum attire defined above is adhered to at all times throughout the performance.

Any visible lower body genitalia, real or otherwise, is not permitted.

If clothing is removed completely from your body, it is considered a prop and the rules regarding props will apply.

Violation of the dress code requirement can lead to disqualification or point deduction


A “prop” is defined as anything that is not attached to your body.

All props must be submitted to via email by the posted deadlines. When submitting your props, you must write a brief description of all your props, including the full names of any human props.

Human props are allowed. Human props may touch you, but not the pole. Judging will be based on your skills and abilities only, and not the skills and abilities of the human prop. Human props must have a spectator ticket to the section in order to participate as a prop and must be 18 years of age or older. They are required to sign a waiver of liability before participating in the show. Waiver can be found here.

If you use props without approval, you are subject to disqualification or point deduction.

To ensure the safety of our attendees, if you hit anyone with your prop (ex. Throwing it into the audience), that is grounds for disqualification at NEC’s discretion.

Human props are allowed to enter and exit the stage during the performance, but may not enter or exit from anywhere other than the sides of the stage (ex. jumping off the front of the stage is not allowed).

You will have the ability to set and remove props, although our volunteers are available to help if you ask. You will coordinate backstage with the Stage Manager on the day of the show.

Whether you place and clean up the props, or a volunteer places and cleans up the props, the prop placement must only take a maximum of 30 seconds and prop removal must only take a maximum of 30 seconds.

No potentially hazardous props are permitted (i.e. if a substance is left on the floor, pole, or performance area, or could potentially harm spectators or other competitors). Some examples of props that will not be approved are:

  • Fire
  • Fireworks
  • Real weapons
  • Glass
  • Water, liquid, or gel
  • Food
  • Helium balloons
  • Vaporizers, fog machines, or anything that produces smoke or particles
  • Anything requiring access to an electrical outlet
  • Loose glitter, loose powder, etc.
  • Dildos
  • Visible lower body genitalia, real or otherwise
  • Pets or live animals
  • Anything exceeding a weight limit of 25 lbs/ 11kg

Anything that clamps to the pole and is intended to bear your body weight, such as handloops, FabPole or PoleSilks type devices.

Failure to adhere to prop rules may result in penalties such as deductions.


NEC will have pole cleaners back stage to clean the pole between performances

You are responsible for checking if the pole is suitable for your performance

Once the performance has started and you are more than 1 minute into the routine and you stop and leave the stage you forfeit your performance and will be judge on what you have done so far unless the judges deem otherwise you will not get a 2nd chance.

Grip aids are permitted if applied to the body only. You may not apply grip aids directly onto the equipment.

Grip aids that leave a residue on equipment after cleaning are not permitted (i.e. chalk).

The use of gloves is permitted.

You must not apply any lotions, creams, oils or any other substances that might rub off on the pole for 24 hours prior to the event.


You must conduct yourself appropriately at all times. All competitors will be expected to be back on stage for the results and awards ceremony, anyone who is under the influence of alcohol and deemed drunk by the organisers and judges will be disallowed to participate in the prize giving.

NEC organizers will do their best to schedule categories so that if you are in more than one category, you will not have to perform back-to-back; however, you must be prepared to compete at the time their category is scheduled.

You should arrive at the venue for 11am registration. The show starts at 12pm and all competitors need to be signed in by this time in order to compete.

Please check in with the Stage Manager no later than 30 minutes before your scheduled performance time to check that all information for your routine is correct.

Please check with the sound manager before 11.45am to ensure you music plays and is the correct version.

Failure to arrive and check-in with competition officials by that time may result in disqualification.

You must be in good physical health. You must allow yourself enough time to warm up properly before performing.

There is no warm up hoop. You may get time in the interval to check height and stage positioning. This is not a guarantee that this time will be available.

There may or may not be a warm up pole. Please check with the organisers closer to the date.

NEC reserves the right to prevent you from competing, or to stop a performance if you appear to be medically unfit to compete safely, under the influence of alcohol or drugs, or are performing in a manner that is unsafe to yourself or others.

You will not be allowed to compete if you are pregnant at the time of the competition

You must act with decorum at all times and shall support the other competitors.  There shall be no heckling or jeering of other competitors or the judges.

When outside the competition area, you must be appropriately dressed (i.e. – wear clothes that would be appropriate when entering a restaurant, retail or other business establishment).

Please no glass containers backstage as they are dangerous to the many competitors running around in bare feet.


As a competitor, you should understand that in any artistic sport there is a subjective element to the judging.  If you have concerns about the judging, please contact the NEC organisers in a rational and cooperative manner. Anyone who is aggressive or antagonistic towards staff, competitors or judges will be disqualified and asked to leave the building.

Please refer to the scoring sheet for more details on how the judging works, and what elements are being evaluated:


The winner of each category will hold that title until the completion of the subsequent NEC competition.

If a competitor has previously placed in the previous year at a NEC competition, that dancer must move up one level if they decided to compete again. This does not apply to open classes over 40’s, men’s, instructor and professional.


Please refer to the sponsor page for a complete listing of offered prizes.


As a competitor, you agree to be filmed throughout the competition and have signed a release regarding this during your registration.

All photography and footage remains the property of NEC. You have no right to compensation for photography and footage made as part of the competition. All photos will be pursuable from the official website of our photographer

As a competitor, you agree that all photography and footage can be used by NEC for promotional, advertising and commercial purposes.

Spectators may use cell phone or tablet devices to take photographs and videos for their personal use, provided that the device is held no higher than shoulder height if seated, so as not to obstruct the view of the other spectators, or in designated areas to the back and/or sides of the seating area. All other camera types are not permitted except by those used by approved media representatives with a media pass from the event organisers.

Photography and filming are not permitted within the competitor changing areas.


You may enter as the gender you most identify with and are currently living as.

Any inquiries, questions, or comments by competitors will be kept confidential.


NEC is not liable for any injury or damage incurred by you during any stage of the competition.

NEC reserves the right to disqualify you, and/or bar you from entry to a future competition, if you breach the rules and regulations of the competition.

NEC reserves the right to make modifications to the rules, regulations, terms, and conditions of the competition at any time.

If a change is deemed necessary for safety reasons, it will take place immediately and NEC will make every effort to inform you as soon as possible either orally or in writing.

NEC will not be held liable for any expenses incurred by your participation in the competition.

NEC will not be held liable to you for any loss or expenses suffered either directly or indirectly resulting from a breach of PSO terms and conditions.

In the event of a breach of contract by NEC, your remedies shall be limited to damages not exceeding the price of the entry fee you paid.

NEC is committed to the highest standards of health and safety at all stages of the competition.  NEC will be using SPJR Consulting to provide the truss and poles. They are using removable dance pole(s) throughout the competition and NEC cannot be responsible for any damage to property or injury to persons or third parties during the use of this product.

Any issues not already addressed within this document or on the NEC website will be addressed and submitted as they are informed. If any provision of these terms and conditions shall be invalid, void, illegal or unenforceable, the validity, existence, legality and enforceability of the remaining provisions shall not be affected, prejudiced or impaired.

Failure by the NEC to enforce any provision of these terms and conditions shall not be treated as a waiver of that provision, nor shall it affect NEC’s right to subsequently enforce that provision.