Live final rules

Successful applicants must be available for the finals all day on Saturday 10th October 2020.

Venue: Freedom Centre, 97 Preston Road, Hull, HU9 3QB.

Doors open at 11am and the competition will start at 12pm sharp.

Competitors must sign in and complete a PARQ before 11am.

The top 3 scorers from each video entry will be invited to compete in the final.

Competitors found to be under the influence of drugs or alcohol will be immediately disqualified.

NEC reserve the right to revoke your place in the final if you are deemed unfit.


Video entry rules apply to the live final, with the exception of time length.

Each time length has a 20 second buffer (e.g. beginner is 3 mins, so minimum 2:40, maximum 3:20)

Pole Beginner - 3 minutes

Pole Intermediate - 3 minutes 30 seconds

Pole Advanced - 4 minutes

Pole Instructor & Professional - 4 minutes

Pole Groups - 4 minutes 30 seconds

Pole Over 40s - 4 Minutes

Pole Men's - 4 Minutes

Pole Classique - 4 minutes

Hoop Beginner - 3 minutes

Hoop Intermediate - 3 minutes 30 seconds

Hoop Advanced - 4 minutes

Hoop Professional/Instructor - 4 minutes


Music must be emailed by 12th September 2020 in MP3 format.

You must also bring a copie of your music to the live final on USB.

Each USB should be labelled with your name and category and include ONLY the track you are using.

Our sound technician will not fade your track - it is your responsibility to cut your track to the correct length.

Failure to comply with this will result in your disqualification.

If we do not receive your music by 10th September 2020 you will be removed from the competition.



There are 5 independent  Judges for the final.

All judges will follow the scoring guidelines set out in this pack.

Competitors must not communicate with the judges at any time during the finals.

Judges decisions are final.


Sexual gestures are not permitted! (except in Classique category)

Only the competitor(s) are permitted on stage (human props will be permitted only by prior arrangement with NEC)

You may clean your own pole prior to your performance, however pole cleaners are on hand to help.


Removal of clothing is only permitted in the Classique category.

Nudity is not permitted.

G strings/thongs are not permitted

Outfits must not display logos or any other form of advertising

Point deductions will be made for costume malfunctions.


Grip aids except for Stickum are permitted, however these are not to be applied directly onto the poles and must be agreed prior to the final.


All competitors return to the stage.

All finalists from the category will be called forward. 1 winner from each category will be placed.

As well as 1st place in each category, we will also be awarding:

Judge's Choice

Audience Choice

Sparkling Penny Award 

Overall Winner (highest score of the day)

These will be announced after all category winners are awarded.


All competitors must have a signed confirmation of their level and ability from their instructor or in the case of self taught a training partner 

Find a comprehensive list of our term & conditions here