judging information


Judges for video entries and live finals 2020 

  • Emma Coffey
  • Emma Nicholls
  • Emma Nicholson
  • Stacey Snedden
  • Kirsty Marsden


Judging criteria

This criteria is used to judge both video and live performances.

Competitors should read this carefully before submitting their video entry or composing their live performance.

All competitors will be judged on the following areas

  •  Performance
  •  Fluidity
  •  Technical
  • Tricks
  •  Impact

Competitors will be awarded points against each area.

The total mark will be calculated by adding these scores together. All judges will be given this pack and a score sheet for each competitor/pair.

Judging Guidelines

Judge Guidelines

The following sets out what the judges will be looking for in each area of the criteria.

2 Points will be deducted for the inclusion of any restricted moves, both beginners and intermediate categories have restriction on moves permitted.

Please see the competition details for further details.

Performance   /20

  • How well does the costume fit the performance?
  • Does it fit the theme?
  • If props are used are they used effectively?
  • Was the theme easily recognisable?
  • Did the music fit the theme?
  • Does the competitor/group perform to the audience/camera
  • Does the competitor/group engage the audience?
  • Does the competitor/group have good stage presence?
  • Do the tricks and spins fit the music?
  • Is the music used effectively?
  • Does floorwork fit the style of music?
  • Has the music been interpreted appropriately?
  • Did the performance hold your attention?
  • Were you entertained?

Fluidity  /20

  • Are their toes pointed (if applicable)?
  • Are they demonstrating good form in transition, tricks and spins?
  • Are their lines clean?
  • Is the performance neat?
  • Do they move smoothly between moves?
  • Do they move smoothly from hoop/pole to floor and floor to hoop/pole?
  • Is floorwork present, does it demonstrate fluidity?
  • Do they use original transitions (a new way in or out of moves, spins)?
  • Is the performance well choreographed?
  • Have they used any original or innovative dance moves?
  • Has acro been demonstrated (groups)?
  • Has acro been executed well?
  • Do the dance elements fit with the pole/hoop elements?
  • Are groups synchronised?

Technical  /20

  • Are transitions in and out of moves smooth?
  • Is good technique demonstrated?
  • Are inverts and dismounts controlled?
  • Are tricks held strongly?
  • Are tricks controlled?
  • Do spins have good momentum?
  • Do spin combinations flow well (pole)?
  • Have any original moves been demonstrated?
  • Any unusual combinations?
  • Any new variations or shapes in common moves?

Tricks  /20

  • Has an appropriate level of difficulty been used?
  • Have difficult transitions been used (appropriate to category)?
  • Any difficult combinations (appropriate to category)?
  • High standard of group acro?
  • Range of different upright poses?
  • Range of inverted poses (does not apply to beginners)?
  • Range of mounts and dismounts?
  • Have spins and spin combinations included (does not apply to hoop)?

Impact  /20

  • Would you want to see the competitor/group perform again?
  • Did the performance move you emotionally?
  • Were you excited by the performance?
  • Did they impress you?
  • How did watching the performance make you feel?

Please note that these are just guidelines to be considered when awarding marks. The 'any other comments' box is available to mark and make comments, should the judges wish.