We are 3 awards that are not point based and these are;

The Judges Award

The Judges will award a prize to the person that they think tried the hardest, shone out or showed determination and grit under their circumstances. All judges have a vote and the organisers of the competition will adjudicate to ensure no favouritism is shown and that a fair result is given.

The Audience Award

Upon arrival all members of the audience are given a counter. After the last performance of the day you are asked to place your counter into the box with the name of your favourite performer Counters and added up and the person with the most counter will win the award.


The Sparkly Penny Award

As many of you know in 2018  we saw the passing of our friend and colleague Penny.

For those of you that did not know her let me introduce you to her. Penny was the kind of lady that you instantly liked. She was kind, caring and supportive and was not only a wonderful mum to her beautiful children but also pole mamma to many of the pole students at pole 4 fitness. She got the best out of people because she was the best person she could be.

Penny embraced this competition with all her heart and was a support and help to everyone. She co- compared for the first two years and wore her heart on her sleeve as shared the joy and tears of all the competitor.

Losing penny has left a hole in the club and is truly missed. We decided to honour her memory by creating a sparkle award that we will award to the person that their performance Penny would have loved the most. It's not necessarily the person who performed the most complicated tricks and transitions it's more about the heart that was put into the performance. Penny was always telling us that sparkles make life better so this is what we want to recognise and celebrate in the performances.

This award will be judged by those who new her the best and understand what made her jump for joy.